MacID harnesses Touch ID to unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint


Unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint.™

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MacID should be written as one word, not "Mac ID".

The official tagline for MacID is "Unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint.". The official website is "". The official download location for MacID for OS X is "".

MacID comprises of two companion apps, MacID for iOS and MacID for OS X. Please use the respective terms to refer to each companion app where possible.

Apple's own trademarks should be recognised where appropriate.

About MacID

MacID was developed to encourage Mac users to password protect their Macs, and hopefully lower crime as a result.

The number 1 reason people don't password protect their devices is because of time; people don't want to be inconvenienced with typing a password over and over. With MacID you're free to set a longer, more secure password and still unlock your Mac in seconds using Touch ID on your iOS device.

MacID intelligently sends a local notification to your iOS device when you wake your Mac or perform a task that requires your OS X password. You can then authorise your Mac right from your iOS lock screen. MacID works with multiple Macs at once and uses Bluetooth LE to stay incredibly power efficient in the background.

For MacID to be successful, its users need to trust it. MacID never connects to the Internet without consent, and your AES-256 encrypted password never leaves your Mac. Not even MacID for iOS gets to see it. Similarly, MacID for iOS does not connect to the Internet and never sees fingerprint or passcode data as this is all handled by iOS.

In essence, MacID works by sending a simple yes/no response back and forth, much like the way Touch ID itself works.

MacID also introduces the innovative Tap to Unlock feature, which allows you to tap a pattern into your Mac's trackpad to unlock your Mac.

Want even more features? Of course you do. You can turn on auto-lock so that MacID automatically locks your Mac when your iOS device moves away from it, and you can lock, wake and authorise your Mac right from the iOS device.

I've worked hard to get MacID to an extremely stable state, with full background restoration if iOS terminates MacID while you're away from your Mac. MacID will restore itself in the background as soon as it detects a connection attempt; you don't have to even open MacID for iOS.

MacID isn't available on the Mac App Store because Apple require all new app submissions to be sandboxed, something which just isn't possible for an app like MacID. MacID for OS X is a signed app however, and should only ever be downloaded from official sources.

MacID will work with all Macs and iOS devices capable of Bluetooth LE, running Yosemite and iOS 8 or newer. For iOS devices that don't have Touch ID, MacID will simply ask for the device's passcode instead.

About The Developer

MacID is developed, designed and maintained by one person; Kane Cheshire. I started as a web developer in 2010 and MacID is my first fully-published app.

I have a huge love for technology and pushing the boundaries of what things can do.

The MacID Twitter and Facebook accounts are both maintained by me too, so while I will try my very hardest to help everyone I can't guarantee how quickly I'll be able to get back to you. I've tried to put together a comprehensive help page, and I will add to that as is necessary in the future.