MacID harnesses Touch ID to unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint


Unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint.™

Download 1.3.6

Changes in v1.3.6

Make sure you update MacID for iOS and check out the App Store release notes for all the info on what's new there too!

  • MacID for macOS now remembers between launches if you asked a Mac to disconnect. Handy for those (often) times that Bluetooth needs resetting.
  • Tap to Unlock tap pattern no longer gets forgotten if you have to forget and re-add your primary device. You still need to have a device paired to actually use Tap to Unlock, though.
  • You can now stop MacID from disabling auto-lock when apps keep your screen awake. Use this with caution because auto-lock may trigger while you're watching a movie!
  • Ensures that MacID AppleScript extensions get run in alphabetical order. To find out more about MacID for macOS AppleScript extensions, search for "extension" on the MacID blog.

A note on the stability of Bluetooth on macOS Sierra:

I know there are a few issues with connection reliability, unfortunately for all I've tried there is no resolution other than to expect Apple to improve the stability in future releases of macOS. Most of the time, resetting Bluetooth helps, other times (like when macOS reports your iOS device as two separate devices!) you may need to do the more laborious task of deleting the app, restarting your iOS device and also reset Bluetooth on your Mac.

Don't forget MacID has a built in option for quickly resetting Bluetooth, as well as quickly relaunching the macOS app.

Fingers crossed macOS 10.13 has some great new updates to the Bluetooth APIs!