MacID harnesses Touch ID to unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint


Unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint.™

Download 1.3.5

Changes in v1.3.5

Make sure you update MacID for iOS and check out the App Store release notes for all the info on what's new there too!

  • Fixes an issue where it could take two attempts to enter a password on Sierra.
  • Fixes an issue where a device could wrongly show in the setup window if macOS is having trouble finding the proper MacID service.
  • Fixes Tap to Unlock lock screen UI glitch.
  • Reduces change that MacID for macOS (and iOS) show the German version for English users.
  • Prevents proximity features from trying to activate while the device is still connected but the macOS account is currently not active. (That is, if someone else is also logged in)