What happens if Apple release their own version of MacID?

Yesterday, MacRumors posted an article that suggests Apple are going to be incorporating a similar idea to MacID baked into iOS and OS X. Since then I’ve had a few people message me and let me know their support and concerns (and some taunts…).

Firstly, let me put it to rest that if Apple do this, I won’t be shelving MacID. At least not while it’s still worth my time. Remember that MacID does more than just unlocking your Mac, it has the highest ratings out of all unlocking apps and a strong base of users.

It’s unlikely that Apple’s implementation will have any of these features:

  • Tap to Unlock (which in v1.3.4 will also work with Terminal and the Mac App Store)
  • Proximity based locking, waking and unlocking
  • Custom proximity triggers
  • Remotely share clipboards and start screensavers
  • Touch ID for administrator password requests
  • Multiple iOS devices per Mac, and multiple Macs per iOS device (this is possible, but unlikely)
  • Limiting features based on whether you’re connected to a power source or not
  • Audio controls
  • Full (and super fast) Apple Watch app
  • Pebble watch support
  • Custom URL schemes
  • Home screen shortcuts
  • iOS 8 and 9 support
  • Support for devices that don’t have Touch ID (effectively turning them into keys)
  • Constant supply of updates and new tweaks and features (MacID’s been updated 8 times since launching, which is an update about every 2 months)

The reason MacID exists is because I was bored of waiting for Apple to implement it themselves, so I can’t get angry that they finally have. Am I concerned? A little, I won’t lie, but this is software development this sort of stuff is what happens, especially to independent devs!

Although MacRumors are respectable and quite often right, it’s also worthwhile noting that they aren’t always right and they don’t cite any sources in their article.

I’ll be at WWDC this year so I’ll be the first to hear about it, and if worst comes to the worst and MacID’s downloads completely stop, it will free up time to work on whatever new awesome stuff announced and make another killer app.

Whatever happens, thanks for all the support over the last year and I’ll keep doing what I do!

Why MacID might say your Mac is locked when its not

If you set your Mac to require a password for anything other than “immediately” in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > “Require password after sleep or screensaver begins”, then unfortunately the system will always report to MacID that your screen is locked regardless as soon as your display sleeps or the screensaver starts.

Unfortunately there’s nothing that can be done my end, although as ever I’ve submitted a bug report to Apple so hopefully this will get resolved quickly.

For now, if this is causing an issue for you I would suggest changing the option to just require a password “immediately” or disable it altogether and just use MacID to lock your screen.