Unlox 2.0 (formerly called MacID) now available on the iOS App Store

MacID 2.0 is now called Unlox and it’s finally approved by Apple and is available on the iOS App Store!

You can read more about why MacID is now called Unlox on the Unlox blog.

MacID 1 will continue to be available for the time being because Unlox requires iOS 11.2 and newer. Here’s to the next chapter of Unlox (formerly called MacID)!


Hello, everyone.

Welcome to the new MacID blog! Here I’ll be posting tips & tricks, news and more detailed information about things.

Seeing as this is the first post, let me speak a little about myself and MacID, the app which lets you unlock your Mac using just your fingerprint, passcode or wrist.

MacID is designed and developed by just one person, Kane Cheshire. I’ve been working on MacID since October 2014 and finally passed App Store review on January 15th 2015. Since then I’ve worked endlessly on improving MacID, to add multiple feature requests and also keep working around bugs with Bluetooth on OS X.

I’ve been really humbled by the support for MacID and I owe a lot of thanks to beta testers, translators and people who’ve reviewed MacID on their blogs and websites. I am really grateful to everyone who’s downloaded, praised, reviewed, rated, translated, tested, criticised, and supported MacID. I really do read all feedback and I take everything on board, even if I’m not in control of some of the problems.

I also monitor the Twitter and Facebook accounts – as well as the feedback and help email accounts – and I do all of this in my spare time around my job on the railway. I dedicate a lot of time to MacID, because it’s something I’m really passionate about.

Thank you again to everyone who’s helped, enjoy!