Submitting macID 2 for App Store Review

[EDIT] Apple are asking me to change the name. MacID 2 will not longer be called MacID, and will be called Unlox. You can read more about it on the Unlox blog

So! One of the requirements for releasing macID 2 is that I can only support iOS 11.2 and newer, because Apple finally fixed a nasty bug that meant macID couldn’t keep running in the background.

Today, Apple released iOS 11.2 (likely in order to fix a horrible bug that was causing people’s devices to endlessly reboot ?), and I spent the whole day trying to get macID into a state that was worthy of being submitted to Apple for App Store Review.

Unfortunately, Apple haven’t updated Xcode 9.2 (which I need to use in order to install an app from Xcode onto iOS 11.2), so Xcode 9.2 is still in beta. Turns out, Apple don’t allow submissions to App Store Review if you’re using an Xcode version that isn’t fully released, so submitting macID 2 will have to wait until Xcode 9.2 is fully released.

The thing that’s worrying me a little is that iOS 11.2 had 6 betas before it was released, but Xcode 9.2 has only had 2 betas. So I have no idea how long it will be until Apple release Xcode 9.2 so I can submit.

A little frustrating because I spend my whole Saturday working to get a decent website ready so I can submit the iOS app today, but hey, live and learn.

So, once again we’re at the mercy of Apple’s release process. I guess we wait! In the meantime I’ll keep working on re-adding features to macID 2 that I haven’t had time to add yet.

I’ll keep everyone updated when I know more!

3 thoughts on “Submitting macID 2 for App Store Review”

  1. So, turns out Apple released their final version of Xcode (9.2) on the 4th of december.

    You happen to have any news on the new macID ?

  2. I’m using a Mac beta OS 10.13.2 Beta (17C85a). MacID has started working properly with this particular version. Frankly, I remain hopeful it will continue to work! Although, so many times it has not panned out – it has ceased to work properly. I keep trying and I’m glad you do as well. Thank you.

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