Debugging Auto-lock

Auto-lock has always been a feature that works fantastically well for some people, and not so great for others. The main reason for this is signal quality, but it can easily seem like auto-lock doesn’t work.

I’d really recommend reading through Understanding MacID’s Proximity Features, if you haven’t already. That post goes into much more detail about how exactly Auto-lock and Proximity Wake work.

If it seems like you just cannot get Auto-lock to function at all try this:

  1. Set Auto-lock to Custom level -45 dBmSet Auto-lock to -45 dBm
  2. Ensure nothing is stopping your screen from sleeping/dimming, like watching a YouTube/iTunes video or running an app like Caffeine.
  3. Hold your iOS device close to your screen for 5 seconds without touching your mouse/trackpad or keyboard.
  4. At a normal pace, walk away from your Mac as far as you can (so that you can still see your screen if possible), you should shortly see the Auto-lock warning notification appear on your Mac’s screen or receive the Auto-lock success notification on your iOS device.

If this doesn’t work, check that your signal (RSSI) is updating. You can do this by holding the ALT key while clicking the MacID menu, or by choosing MacID menu > More > Always show RSSI information…

If your RSSI doesn’t drop below -45 dBm while holding your iOS device up to your Mac’s screen then adjust it accordingly and repeat the process.

2 thoughts on “Debugging Auto-lock”

  1. I deleted and it’s related plist files. And I tried That has the same issue… “No RSSI”. Even my other iPhone which has not changed now shows “No RSSI”. Perhaps a recent Yosemite security update did it?

  2. Even after repairing my iPhone with my Mac the OSX app keeps reporting “No RSSI”. I can pair. I can lock the Mac from my phone but…”No RSSI”. Consequently there is no Autolock or Proximity. Any help? This used to work. I recently switched from a 4S to a 6 iphone and the phones are using the same name. Is that the issue? Already tried “forget device” etc.

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