MacID – more than just a novelty

One of the things that’s easily overlooked is how much time goes into an app. I work on MacID on my own (although have a small army of beta testers, which I am surpremely thankful for), which means that I often work for many hours a day to finish updates and new features.

This isn’t a tale of woe, however. Much the opposite. Since launching MacID in January my life has significantly changed for the better. I’ve met some amazing people, used some amazing technology and also been lucky enough to change careers into something I truly enjoy. (Today is the last day at my old job, coincidentally)

One thing I didn’t anticipate is how much MacID could help other people too. And this is where I find myself the most motivated, more than money or career prospects.

In fact, this post today is being written thanks to a tweet from Christopher Hills, a young man who is the owner of Switched-On Video Editing. Christopher has cerebral palsy and uses the accessibility Switch Control feature in iOS and OS X. Unfortunately Switch Control doesn’t work on the Mac lock screen, but MacID enables Christopher to still lock and unlock his Mac using MacID as a sort of proxy, with Switch Control on iOS.

I get a lot of feedback – some constructive, some not so much – but Christopher’s tweet today has really made everything I do – and all the hours it takes – worthwhile. It highlights how technology can help people and it gives me honour to have made something that helps another person.

Thank you to everyone who’s written to give feedback for MacID, thank you to everyone who puts in countless hours into making software that helps make people’s lives a little easier, and thank you Christopher for making my whole year.

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  1. As a fellow app developer, I completely agree with you. Hearing that your product helped someone, especially if they used it for a purpose you never imagined, is the best feeling in the world. You should feel proud.

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