Known issues on iOS, watchOS and OS X system betas

This post will serve as a point of reference for any known issues that iOS, watchOS and OS X system betas which could affect MacID.

Apple are really putting the pedal to the metal with updates now, and this is great for users but as an independent developer it can be difficult to keep up. I’ll always dedicate time to fixing significant problems, but some issues will be fixed by Apple before release. (An example of this is when iOS 9 was first released as a a beta, the API to clear notifications broke but Apple fixed it a couple of betas later)

If you’re using beta iOS, watchOS or OS X version then the likelihood is you’re used to small issues with software, but if you want slightly faster updates to MacID you can always register for TestFlight.

If an issue has [FIXED] at the start then the issue has been fixed in a later update by Apple.

Known issues

9.3 beta 1

TestFlight may not properly install MacID for Apple Watch onto your watch even if your watch is currently running 2.2.

2.2 beta 1

Nothing to report.

10.11.4 beta 1

[FIXED] A significant issue with the APIs causes a problem when the iOS device disconnects due to a timeout or Bluetooth being turned off, including out-of-range disconnections. The system does not report to MacID that the iOS app has disconnected, and therefore MacID can’t update the UI or try to reconnect because it thinks it’s still connected. Bug filed with Apple rdar://24169259.

6 thoughts on “Known issues on iOS, watchOS and OS X system betas”

  1. Hi,
    I have OS X 10.11.3, iOS 9.2.1 and WatchOS 2.1.
    I deselected “Allow unlocking from Apple Watch”, but it still allows me to unlock from my watch. When my iPhone is locked and I try to wake up my computer, my watch still shows the “unlock” message.
    I tried to reset app, unpair computer from MacID and pair it again, made double sure that “Allow unlocking from Apple Watch” is deseleted, but the watch still allows me to unlock my computer. How to disable it?

    1. The notifications are just the notifications from your phone being pushed to your watch, which has nothing to do with the MacID for Apple Watch app. You need to stop iOS from sending MacID notifications to your watch if you don’t want them to show there.

  2. I have 2.1 on my Apple Watch, 9.3 Public Beta on my iPhone 6 and 10.11.2 on my iMac. I cannot get my Apple Watch to recognize that there is a Mac synced with my iPhone. Any suggestions? The app is awesome on iOS but I would love to get it working on my watch as well.

    1. Hey,

      I can’t really give much help while iOS is still in beta because it could be an issue for Apple to fix you see! It could be to do with Apple adding multi-watch support though so will look into it.

  3. Hey, I just upgraded my Ios and the macid requires to turn on bluetooth sharing in order to connect with my mac? Is that normal? Is it secure?

    1. Hey,

      Bluetooth sharing is what needs to be enabled for MacID to still have a connection in the background. If you don’t enable that then as soon as you switch to another app, iOS will stop MacID from running in the background and will suspend it.

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