MacID for Pebble Beta

This post will outline some requirements and features of MacID for Pebble and any updates during betas.

Update your Pebble

MacID for Pebble requires that you’re running Firmware 3.x, even if you’re using an original black & white Pebble. Updating to 3.x was a bit confusing for me as I didn’t realise you had to use the Pebble Time iOS app, rather than the original Pebble app.

You’ll also need to make sure you’re using MacID for iOS v1.3.2 or newer. (the first beta supports Pebble, you can sign up here if you haven’t already)

Steps to update original Pebble to 3.x if you’re still using the original Pebble iOS app:

  1. Run the update checker in the app and let it do its thing if there are any updates available.
  2. Download and install the Pebble Time app, and run the update checker. You will probably have to pair your Pebble again. For safety I unpaired first anyway.
  3. Follow Pebble’s on-screen instructions. It took me a couple of attempts to actually get it installed.

Install MacID for Pebble

Once that’s out the way, you can go ahead and install MacID for Pebble. MacID for Pebble is not yet searchable on the Pebble app store, but you can access it via direct link. Click this link: pebble://appstore/5669d5063d27474c94000055 to be taken directly to the app.

Using MacID for Pebble

After you’ve installed MacID for Pebble, open it! You should see a screen which lists all your currently connected Macs. If you don’t see any, double check that you have a Mac connected in the iOS app. Sometimes the communication to Pebble doesn’t work, and unfortunately the only way to fix it is to close the MacID for iOS and MacID for Pebble apps and re-launch them.

Locking and unlocking is simple, simply scroll to the desired Mac and press the select button.

If you receive an unlock request in MacID for iOS, it will push this request to your Pebble if it’s open. You can then unlock, cancel or snooze requests from there as if it was an interactive notification on iOS/watchOS. Because of this, I recommend stopping MacID’s notifications appearing on your Pebble. As notifications on Pebble aren’t interactive, all they do is get in the way. You can disable them on a per-app basis by going into iOS settings and setting MacID’s notifications to not show in Notification Centre. This won’t affect how interactive notifications work on your iOS device, just that they won’t show in the list when you pull down the Notification Center.

You can also control audio with MacID for Pebble just like on iOS and watchOS. Long-select on a connected Mac and you’ll see the audio control screen. Long-select again and you’ll swap to volume controls.

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