MacID’s missing watchOS 2 Glance

[Update, 22 December 2015: The bug has been fixed by Apple in watchOS 2.1, the Glance will be returning in the next update to MacID for iOS and Apple Watch]

As you may have noticed, MacID’s Glance is missing from the native watchOS 2 app.

Removing the Glance was a very difficult decision, I spent time updating its design and only after then did I find a very frustrating bug with watchOS 2 which stops MacID for Apple Watch working if you open the app through the Glance.

What happens exactly, is if you launch the app through the Glance, the iOS-watchOS messaging APIs Apple have provided stop working and MacID for Apple Watch is no longer able to communicate with MacID for iOS. (Unless you press the digital crown and then go straight back into the app from either a complication or the app icon)

MacID for Apple Watch relies heavily on being able to communicate with MacID for iOS. Because we don’t have access to Bluetooth on the Watch, the iOS app maintains the connection and handles all the actions. When you tap a button to control your Mac on the Watch, it sends the command to the iOS app to carry it out.

You can see my post on the Apple Developer Forums, where one of Apple’s engineers forwarded on my bug report which got marked as a duplicate. This means they already know about the issue, and that it’s not just MacID that’s suffering from the issue.

As soon as Apple have fixed the bug I will re-add the Glance, but I couldn’t keep something in the app that I knew would cause such an issue. Thankfully, MacID’s complications work great and give you really quick access to MacID from the watch face.

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  1. Is there a limitation on how many iOS devices can be connected? I’d been using Macid on my iPhone and watch (via complication) with little issue. I just recently added a connection for my iPad air 2. Now it seems that only the iPhone and iPad can be used to unlock my mac. My watch complication shows 0 (zero) macs connected, which obviously not correct. Should I disconnect my iPad?

    1. The only limitation is OS X really, if your Mac isn’t showing as connected in the complication it could just be that MacID had reached its limit for updating the complications for that day.

  2. Just wanted to give some user feedback on MacID and Glances. Glad to see you’re working on this as that feature was invaluable to me. When it was working properly, I used it daily. Thanks for the great app and restoring Glances as quickly as possible. I found this blog to see if I could find out when it might be returning.

  3. Not sure if I’m missing something here, but unfortunately I can’t get the MacID app on WatchOS 2.1 to work at all. If I open it from the app screen, I just get a spinning circle until it eventually crashes out, and while the complication is there to add, there’s no icon to it.

    It just seems like it’s not installing correctly, but I’ve wiped the watch and re-paired it, uninstalled and installed a few times now. The only thing I haven’t yet tried is deleting the app off my phone and reinstalling it that way.

    I do however still get the notification to watch when my MacBook wants unlocking, although I’m guessing this is just mirroring the notification from my phone, regardless of whether the native app works or not?

    Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you! Love the hard work you put in to this.

      1. No worries at all mate. Yeah, I did. Nothing to do with the MacID app at all, unfortunately it’s just one of the many shortcomings with watchOS.

        It’s an irritating bug related to how much music is loaded on my iPhone. A lot of native apps don’t run because of this – I’ve unpaired my watch, restored my phone with an iCloud backup, and sure enough all my watch apps work again; MacID, Outlook, Messenger, etc.

        Annoyingly, as soon as I sync my music back to my phone, most of them stop working again. There’s a 25-page thread about the issue over at MacRumours, so it’s well documented, hoping this will be fixed at Apple’s end soon.

  4. Thanks for the update, I was wondering what happened to that. But the original reason I’m poking around is though I just got MacID working again in 10.11, and it’s installed on my watch, I am not getting the notifications on the watch when the Mac is prompting for authorization. My phone gets it, but the watch doesn’t. The app on the watch when manually launched works fine to lock/unlock though, so it’s not a connectivity thing as far as I know.

    1. Hey!

      What settings do you have for MacID’s notifications in the iOS Apple Watch app on your iPhone? iOS/watchOS is responsible for pushing the update to your watch, if you have it set to forward notifications for MacID then maybe try a quick restart of your Watch. (I say quick, I know it’s not actually quick to restart the Watch!)

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